Which is Better Amazon Instant Video or iTunes?

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With Amazon Instant Video now available through the App Store, you have another option. You can use this service to get movies and television shows, some of which you cannot find through the App Store. Before making the switch, though, you might want to know whether it is worth the time and money. You should figure out if it is better than what you have right now, iTunes, or if it is a waste. Below are some points to consider before making the switch or before ignoring Amazon Instant Video altogether.


The content is where the core of your attention will go, obviously. You want to choose one that has a large amount of high quality, popular content. You want to enjoy your television shows and movies without worrying about availability. This is not that hard, thankfully, but there are a few points to keep in mind. While some major titles are available through both services, smaller titles are a different matter entirely. You may find some smaller titles on one that you cannot find on another. You also have to remember that both will have their exclusives. iTunes exclusives are only available through iTunes while Amazon Instant Video exclusives are only available through Amazon Instant Video. If you only want to use these services to watch major titles, you should have no trouble finding something that you like with either one. If you want to dig through some lesser known titles, however, keep in mind that there are some differences.

Taking that content with you is an important part of media streaming devices. You want to watch your television shows and movies wherever you are, and you want to enjoy them without dealing with difficulties in compatibility. For iTunes, this is an issue. If you have only Apple devices, it is not much of a problem. You can access your purchases from anywhere using Apple devices or iTunes on a Windows operated PC. If you have anything else, though, you cannot access your purchases. iTunes is not available on other devices or operating systems, which means that you are limited with your options. You must have an Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone to watch movies and television shows when not at your computer.

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