Which Hinges for Shutters Should I Use?

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The way in which exterior shutters hang on your window will determine the value they add to your property. If they hang in a neat and professional manner, they will add value to your premises. However, if they hang in a haphazard manner, they take the shine out of your house and will appear out of place. The Hinges for Shutters you choose determine how well they function and how beautiful they appear.

Shutters are installed to complement your windows. They should swing open with ease whenever you want and shut on command. They must seal all the holes or cleaves where light or sun rays may find its way into your house. Hinges should not make it difficult to use your shutters.

There are accessories that ensure that your shutters function properly. They include hinges that aid in keeping the shutters in place as well as opening or closing. Specialized Hinges for Shutters ensure that the shutters remain in place when closed and facilitate opening when the need arises.

The differences in windows, frames and their operation mechanism mean that you have to buy specialized hinges for each case. Even when the trim of windows appears similar, the reality is that the dynamics of each position differ. Even slight differences in measurements will cause trouble if you ignore the kind of hinges to use.

Types of Hinges for Shutters

Hinges are designed depending on the dimensions and orientation of shutters. However, there are general guidelines that enable one to categorize hinges. There are two main categories based on where the hinges are mounted but they do not offer comprehensive details that would guide you when buying. There are surface mounted hinges that are straightforward to install and the edge mounted hinges that are installed on the edges as the name suggests.

Surface mounted shutter hinges only require a nail or fastener and will lie on the surface of your wood or shutter. The other end is on the wall to hold the shutter in place. Examples of surface mounted shutters are straight straps, plate shutter hardware and L shaped shutter straps. They are fairly simple to install and will fit onto a space that does not require a lot of maneuvers. You require a lag bolt pintle or plate pintle to mount these hinges on your wall.

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Edge mounted hinges are similar to hinges used on the door. They are mortised into the edges of exterior shutters that are closest to the window in question. They are very thin and designed to remain concealed even upon installation. During installation, you may opt for an inside mount or an overlap mount. This will be determined by the extent to which you wish to conceal the hinges once the windows are closed.

Mounting Shutter Hinges

Most hinges are mounted using the inside format. This allows them to sit securely inside the frame and thus remain concealed. Even when the window closes, it will be difficult to spot the hinges. The decision on the appearance of the closed window is therefore critical in determining where hinges are mounted. An inside mount is one where the shutters are made to fit within the frame of your window. When the frame of your window is completely covered, the installation is regarded as an overlap.

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