Unusual Problems – Business Financing and Commercial Loan Help

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The problems which need to be anticipated for a commercial loan are probably more serious and more numerous than most business owners expect. Most commercial borrowers will be totally unfamiliar with a number of the business financing issues. Although each problem will not be applicable to all loans, the potential difficulties will be relevant to business cash advance, business opportunity and commercial real estate investment property financing.


Commercial Loan Advisory Reports –

We have published separate commercial loan advisory reports which provide a comprehensive discussion of the major problems likely to be encountered in typical business financing and commercial real estate loan circumstances. For example, one report focuses on common business opportunity investment financing difficulties. In another report, we discussed the obstacles usually experienced with SBA loan refinancing.

The Black Ice Analogy: Unseen Business Financing Problems –


The focus in this article is to highlight several of the more obscure commercial loan problems. A commercial borrower should consider such obscure business financing problems to be extremely important. When ice is virtually invisible on a road surface, this is usually referred to as black ice. Drivers who have experienced this hazardous condition are likely to realize that invisible business finance problems are equally dangerous for the financial health of a business.


Online Business Finance Applications –

The first relatively unknown business financing problem involves the increasing use of internet technology by commercial lenders. Many commercial loan sites encourage borrowers to submit an online application. This is not a prudent way for a business owner to proceed with their commercial financing.

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