The Variety of Uses of a Hospitality Pavilion

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Hospitality Pavilions have ultimately been designed for customers of a Pub or Hotel. These pavilions provide the perfect convenience for customers who smoke – businesses don’t want to leave these customers out in the rain,The Variety of Uses of a Hospitality Pavilion Articles after all.

Essentially a hospitality pavilion is a canopy, made of a sturdy and durable metal framework that has attached clear plastic curtains. These clear plastic curtains are extremely flexible and are available in a number of attractive patterns. This allows for a business to have a more creative and customized look, and can cater the design to their particular customer market. The configurations of the plastic curtains can be changed to accordingly match the seasons and weather patterns, so they make a perfect addition to the hospitality pavilion.

The pyramid styled roof of the hospitality pavilion is covered with a clear polycarbonate that is triple-walled in design. The polycarbonate is topped off with a vented steel hood for added protection. The pavilion is equipped with three bulk waste ash containers that are capable of storing two-thousand discarded cigarettes, a large amount which you’ll find hard to fill up. This conveniently eliminates the mess of cigarettes that are tossed to the ground when discarded. This will completely get rid of the annoyance of having the clean the cigarettes up.

The hospitality pavilion is secured by a fixing plate, an anchor system that fits onto a pre-prepared flat level base. The structure is ensured against corrosion and rust with a galvanized powder coat that is guaranteed for twenty-five years. This guarantee is perfect to have just in case anything unexpected happens – you and your investment are completely protected.

A hospitality pavilion is great because it congregates smokers to one set destination that allows them protection from the weather. The entrance and exit to your Hotel or Pub will not be cluttered with smokers. The hospital pavilion is very easy to install, it simply has to be bolted together. Plus delivery and installation services are available. The purchaser of a new hospitality pavilion receives all of the necessary supplies including the curtains, table and three bulk cigarette containers.

A hospitality pavilion offers a safe and secure place for smokers to gather. These pavilions are a must if you’re a serious business owner and want to take care of your customers after the introduction of the smoking ban.

Smokers, who frequent your establishment, will not feel ostracized because of their habit. A hospitality pavilion is a smart investment that offers many advantages to a Pub or Hotel.

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