Orange County Photographers can Utilize Google Tools to Plan their Marketing Strategy

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The following are some suggestions on how a photographer may best utilize these tools.


Under Google’s adword section is an application called the Key Word Tool. This tool allows a photographer to see what searches are the most popular. It also has a chart that indicates how heavily sought after a particular keyword is. An example of how this could be helpful is the following:

An Orange County California photographer trying to decide where to market his business will find it helpful to know that on average the term Huntington Beach Photographer only has 22 searches a month. In contrast, the term Huntington Beach Photography has over 91 hits a month. In like manner it is helpful to know that Laguna Beach Wedding Photographer has 110 searches per month while Orange County Wedding Photographer has over 880 searches per month.

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This information is not only a good indicator on where an Orange County Photographer should put his online resources but also gives a good idea on where to put his non-online resources. The above data suggestions that there is more demand from Laguna Beach than there is in the more populous Huntington Beach.

Another related useful tool is Google analytics. Google analytics allows a photographer to see how his website is being utilized. He can see for example on which days his site gets the most hits. This can help a photographer judge the effectiveness of his advertising. For example, if a photographer sends out a mailer with his website on it, he can check to see if there is a spike in the number of people who are using the website. This will give him a general idea on the effectiveness of the mailer.


The photography business is competitive. It becomes even more competitive during an economic downturn because more photographers are going after a smaller pie. Using the tools provide by Google can help a photographer use his marketing resources more effectively and thus become more competitive.

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