Live Vs. Online Poker – How Strategies Differ

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There are differences between live and online poker. Each day the number of poker players is increasing. The game has changed significantly since the online version was introduced and the popularity of the version is on the rise always. However, nothing much has been contributed to the online poker game and so, the game is still in its growth period, as far as online poker is concerned.



The games don’t have many differences though. If you are good in a casino or at live poker, then you will find online poker pretty much the same and can easily win if you get used to just a few differences and with the use of software instead of live cards. In both the games, you will need good cards which will give you an edge over your opponents and of course you don’t have to ‘tilt’, whether it is the online game of the live poker. If you are a beginner, whether you are playing the online poker or the live poker, you should always stick to your ‘level’ and if you are advanced enough then you can play at your earned level in both versions of the poker.


But having said that, there are differences especially with the strategy. First, when you consider the fact that in live poker you can only play one table and not six as it is possible with online poker and that it is easier to ‘read’ the people in live poker, then for sure you will approach the game differently. The online games are more involving and need more concentration than the live games. The live games are quite passive and so here, the player will be quickly compelled to limp at any position; but if the tables haven’t been raised already, and he limps with any reasonable hand. If you are playing the online game, the tendency is to play more hands. However, in the process the players might make mistakes on the amount to bet.



As mentioned earlier, the online game needs more planning and concentration since you can’t see the players you are playing with, to read them. The game therefore becomes tighter than the live game and so it is advised that one should opt for ‘open rising’ if you want to opt for stealing blinds and also in setting up a heads up pot. When this is done, you then go on firing bets and lead in betting to make good profits. In the live game, it is better to start with a limp go on getting money from there, taking advantage of the ignorance about size pots.

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