Learn How To Play Poker

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The first thing you need to know in learning how to play poker is learn by heart the ranking of hands. In almost every game of poker the goal is to have the best possible five card combination. All you have to do to learn this is do an internet search for poker hand ranking and you will find a site that gives you all the information you need. Memorize hand rank first so you know them instantly and you will be able to concentrate on other aspects of the game your playing.

When learning how to play Poker, you should also understand the different games of Poker that are most often played in casinos.









Stud PokerStud poker usually is either 5 card or 7 card stud. 7 card stud is the version predominately played. It is a combination of cards dealt face down, usually the first 2 called hole cards and the rest dealt face up with the possible exception being the last card dealt face down. The most played versions of 7 card stud are Omaha and Texas Hold ‘Em because these two games rely more on skill than blind luck. Texas Hold’Em is by far the most popular game today. You see it being played on TV shows Poker Superstars and the World Series of Poker Main Event which is the most coveted tournament to win.

Draw PokerDraw poker is another version of poker you should learn how to play. It is hard to find draw poker being played in brick and mortar casinos, but almost every internet poker site has draw poker. 5 card draw is the most common game played. You are dealt 5 cards and you have the option of discarding the cards you don’t want to make the best possible 5 card hand.

By learning how to play Poker , you will have an exciting form of social entertainment. Remember the more you practice putting your poker skills to test, whether online or with poker buddies, the quicker you learn pokers little nuances and your game will improve.

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