If you worry about everything being perfect to begin with then you’ll never start

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Hi everyone, Trevor from Hello Baby shares her incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday! Download Link

Some thoughts from the interview

“We’re based in a place called St. Albans which is just outside London. We have been going for about 7 years now, started in 2008. We turn over about 1 million pounds a year. We sell mainly though eBay and Amazon but we are very international, we sell on eBay in seven countries and Amazon in seven countries. “

“Our big focus at the moment is to get our website up and running as another channel. We do mainly baby and nursery stuff, we have also moved into other stuff. We have moved into fancy dress as well using a drop shipper, we were doing books but that didn’t really work out for us.”


“We started on eBay and did Amazon quite soon afterwards. We have always been very multi-channel. I mean eBay and Amazon is an easy way to start. The more we try to sell other things the more we end up selling on eBay and amazon basically is my experience.”

“We have done very well selling on Amazon internationally less so on eBay international but it still works quite well.”

“We do create our own listing international. We started doing Amazon Japan recently which has worked quite well actually. We have about 15,000 odd items to list internationally and we have managed to list about two thirds of those just for the catalogue.”

“We get interns from Europe to translate our products into different languages. With the Japanese stuff we are going pay to get some of those translated. I am about to get 250 items translated into Japanese which is going to cost me about £1000 I think something like that, going through Elance to get that done.”

“It is a massive constant amazement to me that people want to buy stuff internationally from us really. It’s not like there is no baby stuff in Japan or the USA.”

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