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Infertility treatment in India has played a big role for the rise of medical tourism in India. Over the years, India has become the sought-after destination for people looking for the best ivf clinics in India. Married couples who are unable to conceive end up paying a fraction of the cost for ivf procedure as compared to the exorbitant cost for fertility treatment in their home country. As per ISAR (Assisted society for Assisted Reproduction), there are about 500 fertility clinics in India who end up treating about 30000 patients every year seeking fertility treatment. It is estimated that 10% of these figures are international patients who fly down from Developed nations like USA, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Korea as the cost of ivf treatment in these countries in 10 times more than the ivf cost in India. The significant difference in between IVF cost in India and other countries is one of the key reasons why people are travelling from all over the world for fertility treatment in India. As per Dr Mona Dahiya, considered as one of the best ivf doctor in the world, it’s not just the cost but the success rate of IVF in India is what makes India stand out globally for people looking for a successful pregnancy. As an example, she cites that other developing nations or underdeveloped nations like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE or for that matter Afghanistan certainly offer affordable ivf treatment but it’s the experience of the infertility Experts in India that makes them come to our country for ivf treatment in India. The experience of doctors given the large number of patients and learnings has made IVF clinics in India stand out for the Highest IVF success rate than the global average. The cost competitiveness has become a leading factor with most IVF clinics in India offering EMI facility to repay the cost of ivf through easy and equated monthly instalments. To summarize, India has become the preferred destination for fertility treatment because of the following 3 Factors.

Affordable IVF cost in India.
One of the Best IVF Doctors in the world.
One of the Highest IVF Success Rate.
Dr Mona Dahiya is the founder Director of Little Angel IVF with 5 fertility Clinics across the National Capital Region comprising of New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. She has helped over 3000 Infertile Couples cherish motherhood during her span of over 2 decades. Of these 3000 Patients, about 1000 i.e., 30% are usually International Patients. She is a noted author and fertility specialist and has contributed to over 500 research papers at an International level. With Medical Degrees from India’s Top 3 ranking College, she has done her IVF fellowship from Singapore General Hospital. As per her, being a parent is the biggest joy in the world and price should never be the deciding criteria for travelling to India for low-Cost IVF options. Little Angel IVF is now counted among the Best IVF clinics in India as the success rate of IVF is one of the highest at 70%. A globally acclaimed infertility expert, Dr Mona Dahiya shares an in-depth understanding of IVF cost in India so that people across the world have absolute clarity before they make their travel plans.

IVF COST IN INDIA: The IVF cost in India is about 2 Lac Rupees INR or in Dollar Value about 2500 USD. However, the Cost for foreign nationals can is usually higher at about 4500 USD. Even at this price, the IVF cost is usually almost 20% of the cost of ivf in developed countries. The IVF cost in India can be broadly divided into the following 2 heads.

IVF Procedure Cost: 60% of the Cost of IVF Cycle.
IVF stimulation Drugs Cost: 40% of the Cost of IVF Cycle.
The following are the Key 10 cost heads for infertility treatment through IVF that includes the IVF procedure and Stimulation of Drugs.

Infertility Consultation Fees.
Ultrasound Scans for diagnosis.
Procedural charges for Egg Collection and Transfer of Embryos.
Admission in Day Care.
Consumable Used during the IVF procedure.

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ICSI Charges if required.
Embryo Freezing and Blastocyst Culture Costs if applicable.
Stimulation Drugs for Hormones.
Blood Investigations related tests for COVID-19/HIV/Hepatitis Tests.
Other Miscellaneous Costs like Anaesthesia, PICSI etc.
At Little Angel IVF, it is our commitment to help you in every possible way and for the same reason for all international patients and Indian Nationals travelling from other cities, the team helps them in booking accommodation with trusted and affordable Hotels near the IVF clinic that they wish to come as per their convenience and preference. Given the pandemic around, patients first consult Dr Mona Dahiya through an Online appointment done over a Zoom Call, Skype Call or What’s app call.


CALL: Patient Coordination helpline at 9267982924 (9AM-9PM) IST.
E-MAIL: Write to us at with your details.

Headed by Dr Mona Dahiya, considered one of the Best IVF Doctor in the India.

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