COVID-19 Compassion: Cannabis Companies Are Helping Out

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Deemed ‘essential’ in both Canada and the United States, cannabis companies have remained open amidst nearly everything else being closed. Receiving the same recognition as pharmacies, this classification is inspiring for those who have advocated for medical marijuana for decades.

Not only are essential marijuanaservices currently continuing, but business is actually booming for North American cannabis companies. E-commerce and delivery options allow customers to continue purchasing with additional safety measures put in place.

In Ontario, recent reports show that because of increased demand, lower prices are another silver lining for customers during this time. Some retail stores have experienced customer increases of up to 100% compared with previous weeks.

Helping Out

Like grocery stores, and as one of the few businesses open and booming, dispensaries and weed companies are able to help out in a unique way. Meeting demand means that these canna-companies need more staff—providing work for employees laid-off from other industries.

These companies are hiring additional retail workers, delivery drivers, and extra staff to handle increased shipments. In fact, some companies are encouraging newly unemployed workers to apply now to help companies meet the surge in demand.

Cannabis Legalisierung

Sharing Infrastructure

As an ‘essential’ business, cannabis companies are using their open doors to help out in another way, too. Across the United States and Canada, companies are using marijuana processing practices to produce another essential product of recent times—hand sanitizer.

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