Buying A House – Should I Buy An Older Home

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Most of us consider both of these options when buying a house.

Is buying a new home a better value than buying an older home? Perhaps you have been wondering the same thing.

By the time you finish reading this, you’ll will have learned how easy it is to answer these questions. Let’s compare new home buying with buying an older home.

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A word of caution, there are many decisions to make when it comes to finding the best home for you and your family. There are questions regarding location, affordability, and space. But when it comes to the question of buying a newer home versus an older home, taste has a lot to do with your decision.

All in all your tastes are neither right nor wrong. You can’t put a value on perception and it can’t be measured. You develop these preferences through experience over time.

Here is a case in point. A newly built home may appear ideal to one person and to another person less than perfect. You may love the architecture of older homes and somebody else loves the modern conveniences of a new home. Pay close attention to what catches your eye.

The bottom line then is this. When choosing between buying an older home or a new home, let your taste rule.

For instance older homes offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages may include neighborhoods that are better established. They have stood the test of time. The residents may have lived there a long time and turnover is less likely. An established neighborhood often leads to a stable community environment.

Again some older homes offer architectural and landscaping character that new homes don’t provide. Certainly, these qualities are again a matter of taste according to the eye of the beholder. Ask yourself this question, how does this neighborhood make you feel? Many people surprise themselves when they answer this self-imposed question.

Another feature of older homes is that taxes are often lower than a new home. Although taxes are not a matter of taste they are an important consideration. Have you discovered yet that your Realtor can find tax information quickly for new construction and resale homes.

Are you caught up with the thought of owning a vintage house full of character. This being the case, the obvious upkeep and repairs will not deter you.

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