Become A Notary Public

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As a mobile notary public, you are allowed to charge for the convenience of driving to your clients’ homes or offices provided you tell them the fee up front, but even that fee has a few restrictions. But as a signing agent, you charge companies a flat fee of $50 to drive to their clients, witness their signing of loan documents and complete any notary acts needed.

Your Role

Your role as a signing agent is to witness borrowers sign their mortgages and then notarize certain forms. Basically what happens is this: You receive a page from a signing company, in which you return the page, within five minutes. The company tells you the date and time of the signing and you will say accept or decline the job.

If you say yes, the signing company will send you a faxed confirmation sheet with the name and address of the client. You then call the client to set up an appointment or confirm an existing appointment. Once you confirm the appointment, you call the signing company back with confirmation.

A few days later, a loan package arrives at your door. That is the package you will take with you when you meet your client. Your client signs appropriate forms and you overnight the package back to the company, via their code. It’s that simple!

The Challenges

Working as a notary public can be stressful as you first build your clientele and wait for those calls to come in. But after a while, things will begin to feel more comfortable and the calls will be more regular.

The most important thing in this business is doing your job right the first time. When you are good at what you do, jobs will flock to you. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen. You also must enjoy traveling and meeting new people.

The Benefits

The great thing about being a signing agent, versus a mobile notary, is that you know exactly what you are getting paid when you take the job and you know that you will receive a check for that job the following month.

And it can work around your children or current job. Most of the signings are done at night, because most people want to sign when they are at home, but then you will have those who want to take a day off from work and will meet with you during the day or on a weekend.

Getting Started

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Notaries Near Me
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Notaries Public Near Me

When I began, there weren’t any classes, or books, on how to get started as a signing agent so I prepared a notoary book to help others get started.

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