A Home Inspection Can Help Detect Air Quality Issues

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Many people love the idea of moving into an older house. This is because, usually, older houses in older neighborhoods have a sense of charm you cannot find in newer, mass-produced communities. Yet, with all this charm and beauty could be lurking some dangerous issues. Some older houses may have an assortment of issues when it comes to air quality. If the walls could talk, they may be screaming with mold spores, lead-based paint, even asbestos. In order to safeguard your family and guests, be sure to get a home inspection fast.

The biggest reasons to have a professional come out and assess your house is the simple fact that there are some things that could be harmful to you and you don’t even know it. For instance, a house may have had water damage from a flood or busted pipe years ago. The previous owners may have done a great job remodeling the place with new carpet or hardwood flooring and it may look as good as new. In addition, a fresh coat of paint may have been applied to the walls to finish off the changes.

However, even though the place looks great, you and your family could still get really sick. That’s because the sheetrock may have been affected and could have produced toxic mold. This mold is in your air and your family could be inhaling it with every breath. To prevent this from happening, reach out to a home inspection expert so that he or she can test your house. This way, if there is a mold issue, these pros will detect it and move forward with proper actions.

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When you allow a pro to handle this task, they will come in with their team and perform a series of tests on the air quality in your house. Then they will collect all their findings and put them in a detailed report, which will allow them to determine the next steps to take in order to fix the issue. The best thing is having an experienced home inspection pro deal with your mold issue will give the peace to rest easy at night knowing your loved ones aren’t breathing tainted air. Mold can cause excessive coughing, wheezing and other issues that are uncomfortable for your family. Allowing a pro to deal with the issue at the first sign of trouble is your best defense against any further problems.

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