7 Best Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE

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Kitchen equipment refers to the tools that are used for various processes such as freezing,7 Best Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE Articles cooking, blending, and baking. They are indispensable for establishments like restaurants, hotels, bakeries, catering services, etc., and are therefore very much in demand. There are many world-class suppliers of kitchen equipment in the UAE who cater to the growing needs of the food and beverage industry.

To make your process of selection more comfortable, we have provided a list of the 7 top kitchen equipment suppliers mentioned on  which is Dubai’s top directory:


Chefs Choice Kitchen Equipment Trading LLC is involved with supply and installation of commercial kitchen equipment, and, is the preferred choice for clients such as hotels, restaurants, and bakeries in Dubai. They deal with all types of kitchen equipment, such as refrigeration and cold storage equipment, cooking equipment, etc. Their experienced product consultants discuss with the clients to find precisely their requirements and then supply the best possible equipment to them. They offer the products at the lowest prices after bargaining with the manufacturers. The company supplies everything you need for setting up your kitchen or upgrading it and also provides excellent after-sales support. The firm has around 25 years of experience and supplies only the best quality durable products. This trading company is optimizing kitchen of restaurants and café. They trade commercial equipment which finds wide application in the kitchens. They are innovating in creating a full-fledged kitchen in a small space. Their supplies include kitchen hood, work table, pizza dough rollers, table refrigerator, upright freezer, wall cabinet, dishwasher and a few more on the list. They assist in the installation of the equipment and actively participate whenever you require service on the machinery.
Al Laywan Kitchens and Restaurant Equipment Tr. LLC supplies and installs kitchen equipment, and also takes care of their maintenance. They deal with a wide range of food and beverage process equipment, along with other related services in the UAE. The company is reputed for its top-quality products, which are supplied at very affordable rates, and it believes in giving the customers valuable and efficient service. A top-rated company, Al Quresh Kitchen Equipment Trading Company LLC, has been supplying all types of kitchen equipment to clients in the UAE. The company’s vision is to deliver products of high quality and the best value to its customers to ensure their total satisfaction. Their products include cooking equipment, hot cabins, microwave ovens, dishwasher, etc. Their efficient team tries their best to ensure that their equipment is reliable and durable, besides being safe for the environment.

  1. Founded in 2014, Al Taj Kitchen industries LLC deals with sales and rental service of hospitality equipment to various clients in the Middle East, UAE, and Asia. The company supplies foodservice equipment along with spare parts of reputed brands of the US and Europe. The vision of the company is to help its customers to expand their business. Some of the famous brands supplied by them include KROMO, COMENDA, BERTAS, SANTOS, and TECNODOM. Their team of trained sales personnel and engineers also offer efficient customer service and provide them with all necessary spare parts, as and when required.  AVS Trading LLC delivers a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment to clients like bakeries and hotels in the UAE. Their knowledgeable team possesses all the proper installation and maintenance skills required and provides to its customers, kitchens that are ready for use. Their after-sales service is perfect, and they also offer maintenance contracts ensuring that the equipment has a long lifespan. They deal with all the reputed brands in the industry, such as Santos, Scotsman, Fagor, Williams, and Fregor.
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